Six weeks on the raw food path

Exactly six weeks ago, I arrived at the Tree of Life, tired, hungover and jetlagged. Ever since, I have eaten the delicious raw foods that are prepared here and surprisingly, I have not craved cooked food one single time, neither have I spent much time in thinking about cooked foods. I actually did have a cooked dinner this week: Krystal and Artemis from the Tree of Life invited me to a lovely dinner at their homey, cozy house in town. I really enjoyed the delicious squash ginger soup and the steamed quinoa and veggies. Especially, I enjoyed the athmosphere of a nice intimate dinner, which I haven't had in a while. However, there were no cravings attached to it. I felt great after the meal, but I didn't get the feeling that I needed cooked food again the day after. My body has adapted to the 100% raw foods diet in a very smooth way.


Energetically, I feel very great these days. I have gone through ups and downs and it still fluctuates daily. I still feel certain mood swings and there are days when I feel really happy and balanced and others, when I feel a certain lethargy and lack of drive. However, the deep energetic downpoints as they occured around the 2nd and 3rd week did not repeat...

Learning more about constitutional body types, especially about the Ayurvedic Doshas (Vata, Kapha, Pitta), I am becoming more and more aware of my Vata constitution and how it manifests in foods that are good for me. I am feeling more and more, how well I resonate with liquid foods like soups, smoothies, watery fruit and vegetables and how I go less well with heavy and dehydrated foods. Others around me are fine with having granola and yoghurt. I have to soak it in a lot of milk and add some fresh fruit, then I am feeling great with it. Vatas tend to have a dry consitution, have usually dry skin, are often thirsty and need a lot of water. Reading through the description of Vata type people was like looking into a mirror or reading my own story. Since I discovered ginger only a few years ago, I've used it extensively in teas and cooking, and I also like spicy food in general. Vata's tend to be cold and need warming foods. Spices like ginger, cayenne, chilli and cinnamon are warming and therefore balancing for Vata. Especially eating raw, such spices are important for Vata to get the necessary heat from the food.

Chocolate Brazilnut and Coconut Truffles with Papaya Mousse
Chocolate Brazilnut and Coconut Truffles with Papaya Mousse

I have also discovered, how chocolate really energizes me in a good way. Raw chocolate if sweetened moderately with low glycemic sweeteners is an amazing power food. David Wolfe's book Naked Chocolate will give you all the insights and facts on his chocolate research and the healing powers of chocolate. Raw chocolates are not just as good as regular chocolate but even better. The use of highest quality, raw cacao beans truly makes a difference. It certainly acts like a drug in such way that I experienced some sort of chocolate hangover the days after eating too much of it. Taken in moderation though, I feel fantastic effects on my mood and energy levels. Pure cacao up until shortly has even been on Gabriel Cousin's list of foods for diabetes patients. Just recently he discovered some blood sugar level reactions in some patients so it has moved to a Phase 2 food, which still qualifies it as an extremely nutritous, healthy and benefitial food (in moderation!).


In summary I can say that I am becoming slowly more aware of foods that truly nurture me. I still do overeat, since I like to try out everything and food combining is still therefore not the best, but I am becoming more aware of it.

In general, my energy levels seem to rise and I also seem to be doing better on sleep lately. Last night I had about 7 hours of sleep and normally, anything under 8 hours would make me feel quite tired and exhausted, but today I actually felt very good. I feel how not overeating at one particular meal also adds to retain a constant, higher energetic level. My skin is very dry, but it is hard to say wheter this comes from the extremely dry climate in the Arizona desert or from the food. Furthermore, I think that I feel a certain gain in mind clarity and general awareness in the last few days and I also feel waves of compassion. These are subtle feelings and I don't want to claim any manifestation just yet, but I will keep exploring and see if these impressions manifest over the next few weeks. In total, I do feel progess and that's what counts.

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