What the hell is a raw food diet?

Raw Food Sample Platter at Café Gratitude
Raw Food Sample Platter at Café Gratitude

All I have been talking about these past weeks was, how excited I am to go to Arizona to attend a course in raw food preparation. The reactions ranged from a gently smiling ”Oh, ok... so have you seen any interesting movies recently?” or “Yeah, like sushi and stuff?” to “I don’t really like raw meat!” and “So what do you need to go there for, chopping vegetables?”. Having missed my first flight to San Francisco, I rebooked to the next day and used this occasion to ask for a Raw Food Special Meal. I repeated about 3 times to make sure she really understood, but the lady confirmed “No problem sir, you’re all set”, so I assumed it was a regular option amongst the special menus. I was presented a Low Fat Meal, serving steaming potatoes, fish and carrots. The side salad was topped with cooked lentils and chickpeas, there was a gooey white bread bun and butter and “yuhuuu, some fresh fruit, oh...” packed in some glibbery, sugary, jello, which of course, was cooked. I am starting to question myself if it will be possible to maintain a raw food diet leading a life-style integrated into today’s society. Or will I become one of these social freaks, who have to turn down dinner invitations or bring their own little box of sprouts and a jar of green detox juice?...

 When I asked the flight attendant, if they had something else raw to eat, which I could have instead, she first offered me the vegetarian cooked moussaka. After turning that down and asking for just some simple salad, she returned with some green leaves in a plastic box toped with a scoop of salmon cream cheese. This reminds me of my ex-girlfriend’s occasional struggling being ‘just’ a simple vegetarian in Italy. “Is there any meat in that panino? I am vegetarian!” “No no, c’é solo pomodoro e un pò di prosciutto!” (no no, there’s only tomatoes and a little bit of prosciutto, which is an Italian porc ham). Apparently, prosciutto does not count as meat in Italy, such as anything cold that comes with a salad is still perceived as raw food. If even simple vegetarianism is still a hard concept to get for some people, how much harder will it be to make the point of vegan raw foodism?

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