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Wasabi spiced Fennel Orange Avocado Salad on Nori Sushi
Wasabi spiced Fennel Orange Avocado Salad on Nori Sushi

'Brrrrr, freeeeezing out there'! But looking at the TV tower reigning over the skies of the city from my favourite view point at the Warschauer Strasse metro stop when I got in from the airport last night made up for it. I was happy to be back in Berlin, happy about two wonderful weeks in Rome having spent a great time with all my good friends over countless coffees, delicious long dinners and fun parties. 


After indulging in so much Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and Tiramisu, it's time for a change. I am craving some healthy, home-made food. Especially, I have to prepare my body for a course in raw food preparation, which will start in about 3 weeks from now. I will talk about this in more detail in the next days.In short, I need to work my way towards eating mainly raw, uncooked vegetables and fruit, avoiding coffee and excluding any kind of animal products from my diet.


So I started the day with an awakening banana - berry Smoothie, in which I added soy milk, some power greens powder, green tea powder, fresh ginger, almonds, hazelnuts, linseeds and sunflower seeds.


After that I went to the 'Bioladen' (that's how they call the little organic groceries here) to get some nice fresh produce for lunch. I found some beautiful, crunchy fennel, and still inspired by Italy I decided to take a twist on a traditional Sicilian dish: fennel and orange salad. I learned this dish from my Sicilian ex-flatmate Diana, whom I shared an appartment with in Trastevere, during my first year in Rome, six years ago. She used to prepare it with fennel, oranges, walnuts and anchovies.

I took the basic recipe, but instead of the fish or olives, I added a mix of fresh sprouts to give it more life energy, some avocado and added some hemp seeds that gave it a bit of a crunchy touch.


In order to stay in line with the salad, I filled the Nori Rolls with avocado, sprouts, oranges and toasted sesame seeds.


For the sushi dipping sauce, I took some wasabi powder, organic shoyu soy sauce, a dash of oyster sauce and added some fig flower sirup, which gave it a really nice and subtle sweet note. I used this also as a base for the salad dressing, added olive oil, some sea salt and a good dash of freshly ground black pepper.


Eh voilà, my healthy lunch was served, and I enjoyed it with a nice, fresh afternoon Berlin breeze on my balcony of my new, beautiful, little Berlin loft.

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    blondel (Monday, 29 September 2008 12:06)

    mmmmmmmmmmm i want to sushi too!
    starting eating bananasssssssss and then to sushi (that reminds me an italian verb i adore :), raw or coocked for me it is not important

    my god boris, you can't drink coffee???
    poor thing, i could never do it otherwise my sigarette won't have any company and would feel alone